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Cochrane Canada Live Presents: Fridays in February:2012 Priority Setting Series

Cochrane Canada Live

Join us for the “Fridays in February: 2012 Priority Setting Series”   -  Register now!
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Meet the Methods Group: An introduction to the Cochrane Priority and Agenda Setting
Methods Group

Join Mona Nasser, Sally Crowe, Sandy Oliver, Prathap Tharyan, and Vivian Welch, Co- Convenors of the Cochrane Priority and Agenda Setting Methods Group, to learn about the newest Cochrane Methods Group!  You’ll learn what priority setting is, and why it’s so important. Also, learn about the group’s plans and activities, and find out how you can be involved in their initiatives.
3 February
11 a.m. EST**
1 hour
An Equity Lens for Priority-Setting Approaches in Systematic Reviews
Erin Ueffing, Mona Nasser, and Vivian Welch will discuss how to make sure that your priority- setting exercises address the needs and concerns of disadvantaged populations. Share your experiences, discuss the equity lens, and learn about different ways to engage disadvantaged populations in your priority-setting research.
10 February
11 a.m. EST**
1 hour 
Prioritisation for Updating Cochrane Reviews
In this exciting and informative webinar, Sally Hopewell, French Cochrane Centre, and Rachel Marshall, Cochrane Editorial Unit, will discuss two innovative tools on how to prioritise Cochrane Reviews for updating.  These tools were developed during a National Health Service (NHS, UK) engagement project.
17 February
11 a.m. EST**
1 hour
Priority Setting for Cochrane Review Groups: Tips, Tricks, and Case Studies
Calling all Managing Editors and Co-ordinating Editors! This webinar will teach you tips and tricks for identifying priority review and update topics. Learn from other Cochrane entities about their successes and struggles in priority setting, and how you can conduct your own priority-setting exercise. Mona Nasser, Sally Crowe, Tianjing Li (Cochrane Eyes and Vision Group), Emma Welsh (Cochrane Airways Group), and Gail Quinn (Gynecological Cancer Group) will lead the discussion.
24 February
11 a.m. EST**
1 hour
*Registrations will be accepted ongoing. All webinars will be conducted in English.
** Times correspond to local time in Ottawa, Canada. To time shift to your time zone, consult For some attendees, this could mean the next day in your part of the world.

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